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Hey You Guys

2011-09-04 09:45:23 by Seankiely

Well chappys I is making this post just to say yes I am the worst NG user ever but that may be changing just smell that wind of change and hope. So yeh i dunno I figured the first step would be this post then let the flash'N'shit follow so over the next month expect some crazy shit dogg.


Jeezy weebys fellers

2010-03-19 19:08:42 by Seankiely

well hey ther who ever happins to read this :D iv been on ng for a while now but im only starting to get anywer making flash videos, im good friends with Oney and byGum hes helped me out with my animation and sound due to some donations from the kindniss of his black cold hard heart :D i also help Oney out with the Leo and Satan series me being the voice of Satan and what not. Im living in the deep dark forrests of Wexford Ireland wich may give you some insight to my flash work and jokes

Im still impruwving myself greatly you can see the improvment in my flash so in the very near fuwcher u'll see some grand stooof from me untill then remember, dogs are forever in the push up position!